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Eufinil Review (2023): Once Europe's Best Modafinil Supplier

Updated: Dec 22, 2022


WARNING: Beware of Eufinil fake websites. Since the closure of Eufinil there have been a number of websites set up that have copied the original branding and logo. These new sites are in no way connected to the original Eufinil. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM, YOU WILL LIKELY GET SCAMMED.


After many years in the business, Eufinil (url: decided to close their doors, leaving customers uncertain on who they could rely on next for any future Europe to Europe orders.

Eufinil Review (2022): Once Europe's Best Modafinil Supplier

Eufinil weren't the most affordable vendors, but they developed a cult-like following because they were reliable and responsive to their customers, whilst also being one of the few suppliers that offered quick domestic shipping from within Europe.

Towards the end of 2019, Eufinil stopped taking orders as Europe headed into winter and the world prepared for the upcoming Christmas festivities. The website's home page was updated to show the following message:

"Our Service is paused for Christmas & New Year holidays We will back on 7th January 2020 Orders placed before this announcement are being processed normally"

Eufinil Review (2022): Once Europe's Best Modafinil Supplier

However, the 7th of January 2020 came and went, causing confusion amongst the community. The message on their website didn't get updated until finally it wasn't possible to load their website.

It wasn't exactly clear what happened...

Some customers received an email update from Eufinil notifying them that they had run out of stock due to the COVID lockdown. This was apparently preventing them from importing the large quantities of their products into Europe that they needed before they could start selling again. This didn't make complete sense however, other vendors weren't having the same problem, and if anything, more vendors starting to offer domestic delivery within Europe.

Shipping times did blow out for all vendors during the lockdowns as countries unexpectedly closed their boarders for indeterminate periods of time. It was chaos everywhere.

Regardless of the reason for closing down, Eufinil chose this moment and they have since remained silent. They honored the last shipments from their customers and left on good terms with the industry - holding true to the brand that they had built up over the years.

Their departure did leave the community scrambling for another vendor that had similar products and standards.

We have found a very suitable replacement, and we're not the only ones to think this either, with increasingly more positive reviews and customer experiences being shared online about the team over at Modawhale.

It was sad to see the departure of such a well-loved vendor, but customers still have a strong demand for nootropics and need an alternative supplier.

Modawhale are striving their best to fill these large shoes, and they've been doing a solid job so far from what we can tell... Go check out their website, ask the team questions if you have any.

I hope that you've liked our summary! I'd like invite you to join our forum to share your thoughts and experiences with Eufinil in the past, and also any current vendors that you're ordering from.


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