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ModafinilCat Review (2023): A Former Industry Giant

Updated: Dec 22, 2022


WARNING: Beware of ModafinilCat fake websites. Since the closure of ModafinilCat there have been a number of websites set up that have copied the original branding and logo. These new sites are in no way connected to the original ModafinilCat. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM, YOU WILL LIKELY GET SCAMMED.


The closure of ModafinilCat (url: caught many customers by surprise, especially those who had chosen ModafinilCat for its superior service, free delivery, and variety of payment options. These are just some of the factors that made this vendor stand out from the rest.

Aside from customers, several other online Modafinil suppliers were also perplexed by such a decision from an indisputable market leader.

ModafinilCat Review (2022): A Former Industry Giant

ModafinilCat had built up a very loyal following of customers over the years to quickly become the industry favourite. Their user-friendly interface and free shipping pricing structure made them one of the most popular vendors in this space at the time.

Many people preferred using ModafinilCat because of how reliable and consistent they were - over the years they had focused on building a solid reputation. They proved themselves again and again to put their customers interested and safety as a first priority.

Customers were put first, profits were second.

Their amazing support team would always go out of their way to help you resolve any issue that you might have had. Most of the time, purchase related questions are answered within a 24 hours. This is a huge amount better than certain vendors that currently operate in this space, some have a much slower response time or choose to not reply at all! You never had to worry about this type of behaviour when dealing with ModafinilCat.

ModafinilCat Review (2022): A Former Industry Giant

It is rumoured that at its peak, ModafinilCat held the largest market share of sales online by a very sizeable margin. Everyone was talking about them as their deliveries were being successfully received all around the world.

It is thought that ModafinilCat used to operate out of China and India, although it's not exactly clear. The reason being is that a majority of vendors have their distribution centres or warehouses located in India, because that is where the most popular brands of generic Modafinil are manufactured, and can be easily bought off the shelf without a prescription.

In most countries, a prescription is required to purchase Modafinil, so India makes it an obvious place to set up an operation similar to this one.

ModafinilCat Review (2022): A Former Industry Giant

Here are some of the factors that made ModafinilCat so popular:

  • Free Express Shipping: Most vendors still charged for shipping, however ModafinilCat was focused on making it as cheap as possible for people to purchase their much needed Modafinil and Armodafinil.

  • Credit Card & Bitcoin Payment Options: You could only pay for your order using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies with most vendors. ModafinilCat were able to somehow team up with a payment merchant and offer their customers to option of paying with their credit cards or debit cards.

  • Full Refunds: If your order got lost, you would receive a refund for the full amount paid.

  • 10% Returning Customer Discount: A token of gratitude towards their customers. This could be stacked with the Bitcoin discount.

  • 20% Bitcoin Payment Discount: Extra incentive for their customers to figure out how to pay with Bitcoin. Combined with the returning customer discount, you could get up to 30% off all yours orders. Combine that with the free shipping, you couldn't say that you weren't getting yourself a deal.

  • Customer Satisfaction: They always put their customers first, which is why the internet loved them so much.

They were practically the Amazon of Modafinil online...

ModafinilCat Review (2022): A Former Industry Giant

All good things eventually come to an end, and ModafinilCat was no exception.

Soon users were presented with the below message when they tried to load the ModafinilCat website.


We're closing down. With love.

Our incredible journey ends here. Don't worry, all your existing orders will be fulfilled and they're fully covered by our support policies and guarantees.

Starting today, we won't be taking any new orders. Our official recommendation to by Modafinil from now on will be

they're awesome!


Like most solid vendors that we've seen pass through this industry, ModafinilCat was no exception - they honoured all outstanding orders, once again putting their customers first even right at the end.

Kudos to the ModafinilCat team.

ModafinilCat Review (2022): A Former Industry Giant

Since the closure of ModafinilCat, there are a number of new vendors that have appeared on the scene, which can make it difficult to know who can be trusted and who can fill their giant shoes! This is why we continue to monitor this landscape and write reviews about the vendors that operate in this industry.

We've hopefully taken some of the hard work out of making the right decision on finding the best online vendor for you.

If you're located anywhere outside of Europe, we would recommend reading our reviews covering ModafinilXL and High Street Pharma.

For all readers that are located within Europe, we recommend that you have a look at our review on Modawhale. They'll be able to ship to your domestically, ensuring that your parcel arrives quickly and safely.

It's always sad to see the departure of such a well-loved vendor, but it has become the nature of this industry. Luckily there are a number of solid vendors that have been quick to step in and fill the void.

Thanks for reading to the bottom, I hope that you liked our summary. I'd invite you to join our forum to share your thoughts and experiences with ModafinilCat in the past, or any current vendors that you're ordering through.

As the ModafinilCat team might have put it when signing off - Meow! With love.


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