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Modawhale Review (2023): Best European Modafinil Supplier

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

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A new vendor has entered the nootropics space in 2022 because they saw a need for customers looking for delivery within Europe at a reasonable cost. With so many vendors coming and going, but only few really focusing on the European market, it hasn't taken much time for Modawhale to start making a solid name for themselves...

We've been impressed with their quick response times, but more importantly their rapid tracking number turnaround and delivery. We received our tracking number within two days and delivery within the week! We're based within the EU, so it is a relief to finally have a supplier that is operating in our zone that can provide reliable, seamless and quick delivery.

We highly recommend Modawhale for all those looking to order within Europe - but be sure to check out their website for yourself.

Visit the website, have a look at their prices and reach out to them with your questions. Share about your experience with the rest of the community on our forum.

Modawhale Review: Best European Modafinil Supplier

Modawhale and their priorities

If you have a look at their homepage you'll see that the focus of the team over at Modawhale can be broken down into the following six categories:

  1. Local Europe delivery: They have warehouses located within the European Union which ensures smooth and quick delivery if you're based within Europe. One important point to remember is that they also ship to the rest of the world. If you're not based within Europe then your order will be shipped from one of their other warehouses in India.

  2. Free shipping: You wont have to pay for shipping no matter how large or small your order is! This is a pretty sweet offering if you ask me, especially for those just looking to trial the different products or the vendor for a first time.

  3. Best prices guaranteed: We were impressed with their prices across the board, especially their European products. Once you also factor in the free shipping, and their guaranteed delivery, you'll struggle to find a better deal online.

  4. Excellent customer service: You can really tell that they're focused on their customers and being transparent, whenever we've sent the team an email they've always replied and it has generally been very quick. If they are online you'll likely get an immediate response back.

  5. Payment in crypto accepted: We always prefer to pay using bitcoin, especially with this industry, because the banks can always be difficult when dealing with overseas payment processors. There is also an additional 20% discount when paying for your order with crypto - it's a discount that I can't resist!

  6. Product Quality Assurance: The Modawhale team guarantee that their products are sourced directly from the pharmaceutical manufacturers which ensures that you're always getting the newest and freshest products. You can't ask for much more than that!

Different shipping options and informations

FREE shipping on all orders

Modawhale offer free shipping on all their products regardless of your order size. Vendors will usually try and encourage you to purchase large amounts before you qualify for their free shipping, but this is not the case with Modawhale. Place an order for their cheapest product at the smallest quantity and you'll see that shipping is always free.

100% delivery guarantee

In the rare event that your order doesn't arrive, the team at Modawhale guarantee that they'll offer you the choice of either having your payment refunded to you or a replacement parcel arranged with a new tracking number. From our discussions with them, their deliveries have a 98-99% success rate as long as all the information provided by the customer is correct.

Tracking numbers

Long story short, all parcels shipped by Modawhale will have a tracking number. We received ours two days after having placed our order. From there the tracking information was updated regularly as the parcel made its journey to the final destination.

Shipping locations

They have shipping locations in two different regions: European Union and Asia. If you're located in Europe your parcel will be shipped from their EU warehouse. Similarly, for all other countries, your order will be shipped from their warehouse in Asia.

If you are in Europe but would like to take advantage of the cheaper pricing of having your products shipped from Asia then this is also an option that is available. You'll just have to select 'Shipped from Asia' in the Select Shipping dropdown menu.

Modawhale Review: Best European Modafinil Supplier

High risk countries

The team have provided a list of countries that they're not able to ship to due to tougher import regulations and more stringent customs. If you are located in any of the following countries then it would be best to go with another vendor:

  • Algeria;

  • Armenia;

  • Brazil;

  • China;

  • Indonesia;

  • Israel;

  • Mexico;

  • New Zealand;

  • Japan;

  • Jordan;

  • Pakistan;

  • Russia;

  • Saudi Arabia;

  • South Africa;

  • Taiwan;

  • Thailand;

  • The United Arab Emirates.

Payment methods available

Payment with Bitcoin

Customers are encouraged to pay with bitcoin and if they select this payment method, you'll automatically receive a 20% discount on your order. This discount is fairly standard across different vendors but it is good to see that Modawhale have also taken the same approach.

At least this way you will have immediate confirmation that your payment has been received so that the team can get your order shipped as quickly as possible. No KYC required either which is always a huge plus!

Payment with credit cards and debit cards

The Modawhale team have informed me that they're in the process of setting up other card payment facilities but in the meantime they recommend that customers go through the third party crypto exchange Switchere.

I'll update this blog post as soon as they've introduced any other payment methods in the future.

Modawhale Review: Best European Modafinil Supplier

The team have provided an easy step-by-step walkthrough to show how seamless it should be to pay for your order using the Switchere platform.

If you have a quick look, you'll notice that Switchere will require some KYC before being able to proceed with the transaction, but their confirmation of your documents looks to be quite quick, so you shouldn't have to wait for too long.

Contacting Modawhale

The quickest and easiest way to reach out to the team at Modawhale is to either use the contact form on their website or send them an email directly.

From our experience, whenever we've reached out to them in the past, if they're online then we'd usually get a response within the hour, sometimes within 10 minutes.... which is insane considering how long it can take some of the other vendors to get back to you, if at all!

If you have any questions I'd recommend sending them as email to see if they're able to shed some light on your problem.

Telegram channel

The Modawhale team also have a telegram channel. Customers are able to subscribe to the telegram channel to remain updated on any developments that might be occurring, as well as any sales or promotions that the team may be running over the course of the year.

Be sure to sign up to their channel if you want to take advantage of their latest discounts.

Modawhale Review: Best European Modafinil Supplier

Final thoughts

We've been really impressed with the team over at Modawhale. They've got very big shoes to fill following the closure of solid vendors like eufinil in the past, but they're definitely on the right track.

Their customer service is on point, the prices are some of the cheapest that we have come across (especially for Europe to Europe shipping), and they look to be well received by the community so far.

Our order went through without any hiccups and delivery was impressively fast so we'll definitely continue to use them again in the future.

Keep up the great work Modawhale team, we'd like to see you sticking around well into the future!


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