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Afinil Express (2023): Closing Down For Good

Updated: Dec 22, 2022


WARNING: Beware of Afinil Express fake websites. Since the closure of Afinil Express a number of websites appeared that copied the original branding and logo. These impersonators are in no way connected to the original team behind Afinil Express. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM, YOU WILL LIKELY GET SCAMMED.


In July 2019, Afinil Express (url: decided to close their doors, following in the footsteps of a now long list of other reputable vendors that have also left the industry (ModUP, eufinil, ModafinilCat, & DuckDose to name a few).

Customers were surprised to lose another reliable vendor operating in this space, and were left scrambling in the attempt to find a replacement that could fill the large shoes left behind.

We'll quickly break down some of the reasons that Afinil Express were so loved by the community, as well as provide guidance on which vendors might be the best choice when it comes to placing your next order online.

Afinil Express (2022): Closing Down For Good

Quick history lesson

Back in 2014, ModafinilCat paved the way for biohackers across the internet to access Modafinil, a medication that is well known to be one of the most effective nootropics on the market, through their online store. Their simple yet effective interface resonated well with people.

They stood out by providing high quality customer experience and a template for what a reputable online vendor should look like. This was unheard of at the time, and its success was obvious as customers started to flock to their website. Reviews were appearing all over the place. Sadly, ModafinilCat closed their doors back in 2016.

When they closed down, they recommended a replacement, and at the time they directed their old customers in the direction of Afinil Express.

In September 2016, ModafinilCat closed up shop whilst Afinil Express opened, continuing the legacy of providing a trustworthy source of Modafinil to the community across the internet. The torch had officially been passed.

Once again, in 2018, a reputable Modafinil vendor, DuckDose, closed their doors and recommended that their customers divert their businesss to Afinil Express. With multiple favourite vendors recommending Afinil Express to their loyal customer base, it is safe to say that this company had a great reputation, which quickly pushed them into the spot of number 1 largest vendor by volume at the time. All eyes and volume was on them.

Afinil Express (2022): Closing Down For Good

What made Afinil Express so reputable?

Afinil became the most highly regarded Modafinil retailer - offering the best products, competitive prices, quality customer service, and free shipping on every order.

We thought it would be interesting to break this down into more detail and look at what exactly made Afinil Express so well liked by the community.

Referred by other vendors

As we mentioned above in the history breakdown, Afinil Express came highly recommended by the popular vendors ModafinilCat and DuckDose when they decided to close their doors.

This referral was significant because at the time, ModafinilCat was the biggest online modafinil vendor in the world by far. This directed a lot of new users towards Afinil Express, who had previously been loyal supporters and customers of these now closed online stores.

Business would have been booming for them!

Free international shipping

Afinil Express had made the business decision to include the cost of delivery in their products as part of their goal to give their customers the best experience possible. This went against the industry norms at the time, as most vendors charge additional costs for shipping. Free shipping is more common amongst vendors now, but at the time there were only few, if any at all that were offering this level of service.

Offering guaranteed delivery

Afinil Express always put their customers first, and one way that they showed this was by offering guaranteed delivery on all orders.

Due to the nature of the industry and the complex and inconsistent laws that surround nootropics, it wasn't always obvious to order these medications online. However, customers could be reassured with the delivery guarantee that in the unlikely event that their order got lost in transit, or intercepted, Afinil Express would have you covered.

Vendors generally have three different options when a customer's parcel goes missing:

  1. Avoid all future emails from the customer and pretend that they never existed

  2. Provide a full refund to compensate the customer

  3. Offer to reship their order at no additional cost to the customer

As you will have likely already anticipated, Afinil Express would always continue responding to customer emails, even in the event of an unsuccessful delivery. Either the customer would reach out to the support team or the other way around, and a refund or replacement would be quickly arranged.

This is not the case with all vendors...

Even now there are a number of online vendors that have a terrible track record of avoiding customers, sometimes taking weeks if not months to arrange reshipments or refunds, if at all!

This is just one reason why it is important to go with a reputable vendor that is going to make sure that you eventually receive what you paid for.

Afinil Express (2022): Closing Down For Good

Why Afinil Express closed

With everything going so well for Afinil Express, why did they ever decide to close?

Similar to Duckdose, Eufinil, ModafinilCat, and ModUP, it's not known exactly why the operators of these stores decided that enough was enough. They all seem to have closed at their peak.

Vendors selling Modafinil and Armodafinil products are very much playing in a grey space. It's both legal and illegal to be selling these products, depending on the country that they're selling to and whether or not the customer has the required prescription.

The most likely explanation for why the vendors close is because the workload is catching up with them and they've decided to leave before they attract too much attention from authorities.

They're leaving at their peak because they've become one of the larger vendors in this space, which potentially brings them into the unwanted spotlight. There is a chance that they could have stuck around for another few years, but there is always going to be the risk that they could lose everything... Would you have done things so differently yourself?

So what now?

Since the closure of Afinil Express, there are a number of new vendors that have appeared on the scene, which can make it difficult to know who can be trusted and who can fill their giant shoes! This is why we continue to monitor this landscape and write reviews about the vendors that operate in this industry.

We've hopefully taken some of the hard work out of making the right decision for finding the next vendor that is best for you.

If you're located anywhere outside of Europe, we would recommend reading our reviews covering ModafinilXL and High Street Pharma.

For all readers that are located within Europe, we recommend that you have a look at our review on Modawhale. They'll be able to ship to you domestically, ensuring that your parcel arrives quickly and safely.

It's always sad to see the departure of such a well-loved vendor, but it has become the nature of this industry. Luckily there are a number of solid alternatives that have been quick to step in and fill the void.

Thanks for reading to the bottom, I hope that you enjoyed our review. I'd like to invite you to join our forum to share your thoughts and experiences with Afinil Express in the past, as well as any current experiences with nootropics and vendors. We'd love to hear from you, and so would the rest of the community.

Until next time!


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