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ModUP Review (2023): The Departure of an Industry Leader

Updated: Dec 22, 2022


WARNING: Beware of ModUP fake websites. Since the closure of a number of websites appeared that copied the original branding and logo. These impersonators are in no way connected to the original team behind the ModUP. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM, YOU WILL LIKELY GET SCAMMED.


ModUP (url: decided to close down their operation in 2018. This move caught many customers by surprise, especially those who had developed a reliance on their website and products.

Aside from customers, a lot of the major competing Modafinil suppliers at the time were also confused by their decision considering they were so popular and well liked amongst the online community.

ModUP Review (2022): The Departure of an Industry Leader

Keeping it simple

One of the reasons that ModUP were so popular is that they kept their product range limited.

If you browse through another vendors website, you'll generally see pages upon pages of different products and categories to choose from. More is not always better, especially for people that are not familiar with the nootropics space. It can be daunting. Having pages of 'little blue pills' to sift through before you arrive at the nootropics range just might be enough to scare someone off completely.

ModUP chose a different approach.

They decided to focus on a limited few items that they knew their customers really wanted.

Since ModUP were processing such high volumes, they were able to offer their customers some of the cheapest prices around at the time.

Here is a list of the product range that they used to sell:

Focus on customer service

ModUP were very well known for their customer service. They had managed to put together a very solid team that ensured all customers received quick email responses.

If you had scrolled to the bottom of their website back in the day, you would have seen that they even provided their customers with a phone number that you could call. I personally don't know of anyone that tried it, but I'm not aware of any other vendor that provided such an option.

Interesting right!? Well, I thought it was... Moving on now.

ModUP Review (2022): The Departure of an Industry Leader

The ModUP forum

The team would regularly publish new blog posts covering topics that they thought would be beneficial and interesting to their community. These posts were heavily read by existing customers, as well as new users looking to become better informed about the nootropics space.

People would regularly leave comments and have a discussion below each of the blog posts, which helped further clarify anything that was still uncertain.

The forum had the added benefit of creating a community vibe amongst all the ModUP customers. A space where they could all communicate and share their experiences anonymously.

Overall, the ModUP forum proved to be popular amongst the nootropics community, and was missed when the store closed down. Most of this activity has now moved across to Reddit, although there is the continuous moderation of content in the different subreddits which means that it isn't the perfect solution.

The goal of our forum is to help create a similar space where our readers can safely discuss their honest thoughts and experiences about nootropics, but also leave vendor reviews to keep these online sellers honest and accountable.

ModUP Review (2022): The Departure of an Industry Leader

Massive discounts and different payment options

ModUP provided their customers with a huge 33% discount when paying with Bitcoin. This was a lot larger than the standard 10-20% discount that many other online vendors were offering at the time.

Even now the average discount remains between 10-20%, not even close to what ModUP was offering their customers. Everyone was using Bitcoin to pay, and if they didn't know how, it was definitely the motivation that a lot of people needed to finally figure it out. A quick 33% discount on your order wasn't something to be laughed at.

As you might have guessed, ModUP also made sure they provided extensive guides on how to buy cryptocurrency and use it for a purchase so that their customers could easily follow along.

If figuring out how to pay with cryptocurrency was still all too much to understand, ModUP also gave their customers the option of using credit card or debit card to pay. There weren't any discounts for this payment method, but it was convenient, and still heavily used by their community.

ModUP Review (2022): The Departure of an Industry Leader

The community loved ModUP

To put it simply, the community loved ModUP and the service that they offered.

The reviews across the internet were very positive about their experiences. If customers had any issues, they generally wrote about how quickly things got resolved by the customer support team.

Order lost? They'd send out a replacement package. Didn't get your tracking number? They'd resend the email that you should have received. Have a quick question about shipping or the products? You'd receive an email response within 24 hours.

Who could complain with that! They had a high standard across the broad and the community loved it.

ModUP Review (2022): The Departure of an Industry Leader

Why closed

With everything going so well for ModUP, why did they ever decide to close?

Similar to Duckdose, Eufinil, ModafinilCat, and AfinilExpress, it's not known why these teams decided that enough was enough. They all seem to have closed at their peak.

Vendors selling Modafinil and Armodafinil products are very much playing in a grey space. It's both legal and illegal to be selling these products, depending on the country that they're selling to and whether or not the customer has a prescription for this medication.

The most likely explanation for why the vendors close is because the workload is catching up with them and they've decided to leave before they attract too much attention from authorities. There is a chance that they could have stuck around for another few years, but there is always going to be the risk that they could lose everything.

All that being said, the message left by the ModUP team indicated a very different reason for their closure. Here is the message that they provided to their customers to notify the community that their operation was winding down.


We're closing down. Thank you.

We'll soon be wrapping up operations at We will no longer be accepting new orders, all existing orders are covered by our support policies and guarantees.

Once all current orders are completed, will close up shop and wipe all user data. No user data or order information will be kept by

We are powering down, as it is no longer needed, Modafinil can now be purchased directly from India for $0.11 per pill, it would be unethical for us to continue.

We will be sure to keep you posted on this process over the next few weeks.

Get in touch using or

Thank you for all the support, Stay Limitless!


So what now?

Since the closure of ModUP, there are a number of new vendors that have appeared on the scene, which can make it difficult to know who can be trusted and who can fill their giant shoes! This is why we continue to monitor this landscape and write reviews about the vendors that operate in this industry.

We've hopefully taken some of the hard work out of making the right decision on finding the best online vendor for you.

If you're located anywhere outside of Europe, we would recommend reading our reviews covering ModafinilXL and High Street Pharma.

For all readers that are located within Europe, we recommend that you have a look at our review on Modawhale. They'll be able to ship to you domestically, ensuring that your parcel arrives quickly and safely.

It's always sad to see the departure of such a well-loved vendor, but it has become the nature of this industry. Luckily there are a number of solid vendors that have been quick to step in and fill the void.

Thanks for reading to the bottom, I hope that you liked our summary. I'd invite you to join our forum to share your thoughts and experiences with ModUP in the past, or any current vendors that you're ordering from.

Until next time!

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